Assessing the interactions between small-scale coastal fisheries and marine animals as a baseline for future conservation management in Samos Island, Greece.

Interactions and entanglements between marine animals and small-scale fisheries are a growing problem in the eastern Aegean Sea. The knowledge of artisanal fishermen can provide practical information for ecological and fisheries management, which when shared, it can enrich and build the trust between fishers and scientists. In the regarding study, data was collected through interviews enquired to small-scale fishermen from Pythagorio and Vathy ports in Samos Island. Interviews to non-fishermen (i.e. recreational fisheries, yachting/diving clubs, port polices*, and the department of fisheries in Samos) were also made as support. Specific questions were targeting the trend in time of the interactions in the past (1950s – 2009) and present (2010 – 2014) between fisheries and common, bottlenose and striped dolphins, the Mediterranean monk seal and the loggerhead turtle, in order to establish the ecological status of the marine species and the main problems fishermen endure. There are significantly higher interactions between fishermen and marine animals after the 1980s, suggesting that interactions were increasing substantially from the last 30 years. Similarly, entanglements were only reported with sea turtles, being also significantly higher after the 1980s. By the nature of this study, the assessment of the interactions between fisheries and marine animals is challenging, as numerous branches, such as illegal activities, lack of socialism, and economical predilections are established behind the main problem that is threatening the marine environment and the sustainability of small-scale fisheries.

Promotor(s) & Supervisor: Anastasia Miliou, Niki Karagouni

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0521 - Ecology", "0522 - Conservation and environmental management", "0831 - Fisheries