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Passive acoustics, the science of detecting, classifying and localising animal sounds, is a vital tool for researching and protecting cetaceans. One the major components of any passive acoustic setup is software which can detect, classify and localise vocalisations from a multitude of different species. These can include the low sub sonic tones of blue whales, the largest animals ever to have lived on the planet, or the ultrasonic clicks of the humble harbour porpoise, six times higher in frequency than humans can hear.

PAMGUARD is an open source passive acoustics software program capable of working both in real-time as a powerful mitigation tool and as a comprehensive post data collection analysis suite. It builds on decades of research in passive acoustics and is designed specifically to process and display the large volumes of data collected in surveys and research expeditions, targeting the full spectrum of cetacean species.  

The advanced PAMGUARD course is tailored to your specific needs. Learn how PAMGUARD can help when analysing your research and/or survey data. The modular based approach of this course allows participants to focus on their specific requirments We can explore the advanced functions of viewer mode, teach how to use complex classifiers or introduce participants to the PAMGUARD MATLAB library, allowing maximum control of your data. The advanced PAMGUARD course is always taught by the people who program PAMGUARD and work actively in the field.

Participants need to bring their own laptops running Windows XP or above.

Contact Person: PAMTech enquiries (


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Venue: Riverside Museum
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Scotland's Museum of Transport and Travel
100 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow, G3 8RS



£350 GBP. Course costs do not include accommodation, travel or food.


A good laptop: PAMGUARD is a processor and memory intensive program and therefore a modern laptop is a must. Currently we require a laptop with 4GB of RAM and a modern multi core processor e.g. Intel Core 2 Duo would be the minimum we would expect.

Application Procedure:

To book a place for this course, please use the online registration form (50% non-refundable deposit required).


Academic level: Master, Lifelong Learning
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