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Coordination: European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Funding Horizon Europe
Total budget €15 449 903
Start/end 01 December 2022 - 30 November 2026


BIOcean5D is a major interdisciplinary project designed to better understand the impact of human activity on Europe's seas and coastlines. 

The overarching goal of BIOcean5D is to generate the data, knowledge, theory, monitoring and modelling tools necessary to sustainably measure, understand, value, and predict marine biodiversity across the five dimensions (5D) of space, time, and human environmental pressures, enabling ecosystem-based management and long-term preservation.

BIOcean5D unites major European centres in molecular and cell biology; marine biology; and sequencing, together with 31 partners from 11 countries, to build a unique suite of technologies, protocols, and models allowing holistic re-exploration of marine biodiversity, from viruses to mammals, from genomes to holobionts, across multiple spatial and temporal scales, stretching from pre-industrial history to today.

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Our role in this project

The Marine Training Unit will actively participate in the following Work Packages/Tasks: 

  • WP7: Task 7.3 Professional skills development - taxonomy and systems thinking
    • T7.3.1. EMBRC will organize and deliver BIOcean5D summer schools, building on existing training (ECOTAXA, blue revolution) with a focus on skills development in morphological taxonomy, taxon-omics and AI driven taxonomy. Alongside the BIOceans5D summer schools.
    • T7.3.2. Promote skills development in systems thinking by delivering in-person and online training program and workshops on Systems Thinking Organisation
    • T7.3.3. Deliver capacity building and open science skills development: online courses on general skills development, provided to both BIOcean5D and affiliated programme ECRs, and also to a broader network of ECRs