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Dissection of an octopus



How many tentacles do octopuses have? The answer is zero! Learn how to dissect an octopus in this video, which also covers its external and internal anatomy and physiology. In this simple dissection, you’ll learn various parts of the octopus anatomy, why the plural of octopus is octopuses, and how to tell if an octopus is male or female. Octopuses are a very interesting animal to dissect because they diverged from the human evolutionary line long ago, and have an interesting and unique anatomy. Also, did you know that octopuses' hearts can’t beat every time they use jet propulsion? In this video, you’ll learn general information about the octopus anatomy, which will be tied into its physiological functions. This dissection lab is for anyone who is curious about octopus anatomy, wants to cover octopus anatomy for a zoology course, missed the octopus dissection during biology class, or just wondered, “Hey, how is that octopus breathing?”. The video will teach you how to dissect an octopus step by step, and review the external and internal anatomy of the octopus.

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