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Offshore Wind Upskilling training course (online)



Course format Online
Datum 2023-11-01 - 2023-11-04
Tijdsduur 3 days
Cost 1700Eur

DNV is presenting an introduction course about offshore wind energy covering the market, the technology and project phases from design to operation

Training from the Global Experts

The reduction of green house gas emissions was one of the drivers for offshore wind energy since its appearance in the early 1990s. However the pace of the energy transition has recently changed in the light of the fossil fuel and energy emergency seen in Europe and affecting all countries globally.

The offshore wind technology offers possibilities to build large scale assets to replace traditional power plant assets. Offshore wind is therefore seen to play a critical role in the transition to a cleaner energy supply, contributing significantly to an increase in offshore wind power.

According to DNV, the technology can be seen as well developed and mature in the majority of the western industry nations, but it is predicted to grow worldwide. Leading market researchers are predicting a 20 to 30 CARGA rate of growth in the coming years till 2035.

 Our global team of world leading experts in offshore wind and augmented by DNV’s 20+ years’ experience in this area, this course will provide attendees the basic knowledge to succeeded with this new and promising technology.

The training will be “live” and “inter-active” meaning that participants are asked to send their questions in advance of the course but also while the course is running to be subsequently progressed in the individual sessions by our experts. The final day also offers a opportunity to have further Q&A at the end of the sessions to discuss questions with the trainers and key experts.

On completion, attendees should get a good understanding of the market and how offshore wind differs from onshore wind with regards to the components and the various project phases. For more details, see the agenda further down.

For Whom:

The target group for this training are professionals working in the wind industry (or wants to become part of it), developers, investors, insurance, OEM’s and regulators – who aims a fast learning of offshore wind technology.


Learning objective “Basic offshore wind training”

Your starting point is right if you…

·        …Are curious and interested in offshore wind;

·        …Have had limited or no exposure to offshore wind in the past;

·        …Are and technical or commercial specialist or expert in a field that has potential to be used or transferred in offshore wind in the near future;

·        …Are exposed to processes or technical products that are expanding into offshore wind in the future.


The questions you’ll be able to answer after the course:

·        What is the vocabulary I should be aware of in offshore wind discussions?

·        What is the historical development and the trends?

·        What are the main technical components of an offshore wind asset?

·        What basic steps are needed to develop an offshore wind farm?

·        What does all this cost and what is CAPEX and OPEX and energy Yield?

·        Who should I call when I have a question?

Course information

The course is structured into 5 Blocks following the development cycle logic or the asset component logic

There are several short modules in each block, breaking down the need to know elements, trying to follow either development cycle or the component level

In total approx. 20 modules are included. 


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Offshore en hernieuwbare energie