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MOL2: Maritime on the loop of Ocean Literacy (Pontevedra, Galicia)

MATES Pilot Experiences and Training materials
12 Marzo - 17 Abril 2020


Vigo, ES
EQF 3, 4
Educational material: videos with English subtitles, Layman Report
MOL2 aims to engage educational and training centres with cross-curricular skills related to Shipbuilding and Marine Technologies. MOL2 engaged with educational and training centres by:

- Introducing marine industries and the related employment opportunities to teenagers.
- Providing short courses on maritime technologies to students, while fostering industry involvement in the training programmes.
- Promoting careers for women in STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Maths).

MATES ‘Strategy Baseline Report’ Lines of Actions:
The MATES Strategy Baseline report consists of results which were obtained from the extensive work carried out by the MATES partners; workshops with experts, Delphi questionnaires, desk-top studies and surveys. This report synthesizes the MATES strategy baseline to bridge the skills gap between training offers and the industry demands in the Maritime Technologies value chain. The full report can be accessed here. Below are the Lines of Actions identified in the report (see pages 17 and 18) which MOL2 will address (SB = shipbuilding):

SB1: Digital and data driven technologies
SB2: Automation and robotics
SB3: Minimising environmental impact
SB6: 21st century skills
SB7: Ocean literacy
SB8: Promoting women
SP10: Health and safety

This Pilot Experience focused on promoting ocean literacy linked with the maritime sector in Europe by building upon existing opportunities that foster learning in a competitive framework. Training will be provided to support participants in a raft competition organised by a technological company whose main niche market is the maritime sector in Pontevedra, Galicia (Spain).

Target Audience: This Pilot Experience was aimed at high school and VET students and teachers. All teams registered for the Regata Solar 2020 competition were invited to participate in the workshops.

Methodology: This Pilot Experience is being held in the framework of an already existing raft challenge held in Baiona, North West of Spain, (V Regata Solar) lead by the company Marine Instruments. In this competition students have to design and build a solar-powered radio control boat. CETMAR (the Technological Centre of the Sea and MATES coordinator) invited all registered teams to participate in technical workshops which focused on the skills needed to build a remote control solar powered boat/raft.

Topics: The workshops were delivered between January and March 2020 and focused on the following subjects:
- Priority management
- CAD design and 3D printing
- Polyester modelling
- Bamboo carving
- Wood gluing
- Electronics and Telemetry

Priority management: Maribel Reinoso Rey
Free CAD: Miguel Gesteiro and Jorge Muñoz Castaña
3D printing: María Loureiro and Ignacio González
Polyester: Xosé Lois Pazos Campos and Santiago Cancelas
Wood gluing: Santiago Cancelas and Xosé Lois Pazos Campos
Bamboo: Isaac Gonzalez
Electronics: Hernán Serrano & Luis Miranda
Telemetry: Luis Miranda and Hernán Serrano

Introductory video for MOL2 in Pontevedra, Spain

Educational materials (available with English subtitles)

MOL2 Training in Priority Management

MOL2 Training in Freecad and 3D Printing

MOL2 Training in Polyester modeling

MOL2 Training in bamboo carving

MOL2 Training in Wood gluing

MOL2 Training in Electronics and Telemetry