WMU Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Energy

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The Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Energy equips shipping managers for the future by delivering the knowledge and critical understanding they need to shape a more efficient and environmentally responsible industry. It is a unique and globally-recognised academic award, with teaching and materials provided by members of the World Maritime University faculty in partnership with Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.The 12-month program is comprised of five modules and begins in July.

Written, delivered and supported by academic experts, the programme is delivered in 5 modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Energy Management and the International Response in Shipping
Introducing key notions of energy sources and security, the impact of air emissions and the international response particularly in shipping. The aim of this module is to build a common vocabulary and understanding, starting by exploring notions such as externality, management and governance. 

Module 2: Energy Efficiency and Ship Design
Both ship resistance and propulsion are reviewed to establish principles of ship powering in the context of energy efficiency improvement methodologies. Design approaches and technologies are assessed for applicability to different vessel types. Ship main and auxiliary engines, energy consumers and their interactions including renewable energy devices are also reviewed.

Module 3: Energy Efficient Ship Operations
This module considers key topics; from management to legal and commercial issues; from Just-in-time and virtual arrival to slow steaming and relevant technical and legal constraints; from weather routing to e-navigation and advanced communication systems; and from ballast water to trim optimisation and the all-important port operation.

Module 4: Energy Management On-board Ship
This module deals with ship-board activities and their impact on fuel consumption, with particular focus on the optimal performance of technical systems and machinery.

Module 5: Alternative Fuels and Marine Renewable Energy
This module will explore how new fuelling options and renewable energy could be promising for the future of the shipping industry.

Learning outcome:

Covering a wide range of technical, operational and commercial issues the Postgraduate Diploma programme from the World Maritime University delivers the knowledge and critical evaluation skills needed to make informed decisions and develop strategic management plans.
Issues from ship design and operation through to regulations and alternative fuels are considered in the
course. Some approaches come from technology and innovation whereas others can be attributed to compliance with environmental and operational regulations and good business and operational practices.

Contact Person: Holly Brooks (holly.brooks@informa.com)


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0713 - Offshore and renewable energy", "0716 - Naval engineering


Venue: Lloyd's Maritime Academy (Contact)
West Byfleet, United Kingdom

Online course


  • Book on or before 3rd June 2016: £5050 / $7070 (VAT Exempt)
  • Book after 3rd June 2016: £5450 / $7630 (VAT Exempt)

With your application for enrolment you will need to pay an application fee of £400 / US$560. If your application is successful, this fee will be deducted from the full tuition fee. Should your application for admission to the course be unsuccessful, your application fee will be refunded.
Participants will be billed in either GBP or USD depending on the price option selected on the application form. A GBP invoice will include a EUR price calculated using the exchange rate in force on invoicing. 
Course fees are set for each intake, but we reserve the right to change the course fees at any time.

  • This distance learning postgraduate diploma programme is ideal for middle to senior managers in shipping and related industries, including maritime trade, transport, logistics and offshore energy.
  • The course will also be of interest to ship designers, masters, engineers, owners and operators seeking to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of their vessels.
  • It will benefit professionals in government, maritime administration, regulatory bodies and international organisations involved in the management of the marine environment and working towards a more efficient shipping industry.
  • The diploma will also attract analysts, researchers and postgraduate students seeking a specialised academic approach to this field.

Application Procedure:

Please apply using the online application form.

Grant Opportunities:

Employer sponsorship. Many companies fully or partly sponsor their employees for our courses and actively encourage personal development in line with company priorities. You should start by discussing your training request with your line manager, training manager or human resources manager to enquire about support available. Make sure you have thought through your reasons for wanting to do the course and how it will benefit yourself, your job role and your company.  Employers can be very positive if you have thought through your reasons for undertaking the course and demonstrate the self-discipline and commitment required to gain maximum benefit from a training programme. We are always happy to directly talk to you and your manager to answer any questions about the course. We’re here to help you so please contact us without delay.

Marine Society. The Marine Society is the leading and most experienced not for profit organisation supporting the wellbeing, personal and professional development of seafarers and shore-based maritime professionals. Scholarships as well as interest-free loans may be offered to UK seafarers (officers and ratings domiciled in the UK) to undertake this course. Contact The Marine Society for more information: http://www.marine-society.org/


Academic level: Lifelong Learning


Participants are assessed by five assignments and the program ends with a final examination which is held in Malmö, Sweden but which may also be arranged elsewhere on request. 

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