Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia "Patterns and processes in boundary ecosystems"

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General information

Since summer 2013, the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) has held the Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia, a series of annual summer encounters aimed at recent PhDs and advanced graduate students in Marine Sciences and Oceanography. Its main objective is to promote the exchange of ideas between experienced and young promising researchers on a relevant topic in Marine Sciences.

The central topic of the colloquium will change every year. The 2015, will be devoted to: “Patterns and processes in boundary ecosystems”. The colloquium will include theoretical and practical activities, all within this central topic, as well as group discussion sessions (Program April-2015). The Summer School main activities will be held in the installations of the Institute of Marine Sciences, right by the beach and near downtown Barcelona. Accommodation is available at student residences nearby the institute.

The Colloquium will be organized as follows:

- Masterly lessons of one hour during mornings (15 hours).
- Practical activities in the afternoon (6 hours); the student will be trained in image analysis applied to benthos ecology and remote sensing.

  • An introduction to Ocean remote Sensing
  • Image analysis

- Open discussions on cross-boundaries ecology topics (4 hours), lead by students.
- Poster discussion. Participants are encouraged to bring along a 3' presentation together with a poster describing their research. One full afternoon will be dedicated to discuss the students' research.
- Other activities. There will also be other activities, such as cultural activities within the city and a guided excursion to Natural Park of Medes Islands, in Costa Brava, including a boat trip and diving.

Contact Person: (margalefcolloquia@acoio.org)


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Venue: Institute of Marine Sciences
Barcelona , Spain



There is a fee of 350€ (euro) per person which includes all educational and scientific activities as well as the ice-breaker event, one ice-break meal and the closing dinner. The course will provide all lecturing and research facilities to the participating students. The fees do not include the field trip or accommodation expenses which need to be taken care individually. 


The course is aimed at advanced doctoral students in Ecology, Oceanography, Biology, Environmental Science or related topics, who have completed most of their course requirements, and young scientists who have recently completed their doctoral degree. 

Application Procedure:

Prospective students must submit an abbreviated CV (maximum 4 pages) and a short statement (maximum one page) explaining why they are interested in participating in the Colloquia and how they think it will benefit their research. 

Deadline: 18th May 2015

Grant Opportunities:

There are two fellowships to students from developing countries, which include all the educational and social activities. Students wishing to access these fellowships must write to margalefcolloquia@acoio.org. Deadline to request a fellowship is 24th April 2015.


Academic level: PhD, Lifelong Learning
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