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General information

Brief description about the pilot:

We lead young people to jobs available in the Port of Antwerp (POA) -area or let them know study fields that lead to jobs in the POA region. 

We use a game in which young people get to know their competences (including the 21st century skills) and see if there is a match with jobs opportunities or study fields. This is played on the premises of the participating company.

It is in fact a gamified mini assessment in which the youngsters have to fulfill 3 commands in line with the competences needed in the participating company. After the assessment game we reflect with the group on their competences, what kind of jobs or study fields are interesting for them. They get a competence passport to take home.

There is a mismatch in the Antwerp port region between job opportunities and the available workforce or with the great group of unemployed young people in the PoA area.

With this tool we will raise the awareness of the youngsters about

  • their competencies , including the 21st century skills
  • possible study fields they never heard of
  • possible job opportunities for them who leave school and enter the labour market
  • company culture and specific job needs.

It is a pilot that can be used in the very diverse sectors of energy/blue/logistics etc. It could be transferable to every country, if translated.

Institutions involved: 

  • Port centre Antwerp
  • Secondary schools
  • Companies

Sector/industry: of energy/blue/logistics

Expected outcomes for learners:

  • Insight in the added value of the port of Antwerp and the huge possibilities: this also leads to increased support for port activities in a wide surrounding
  • Insight in their own possibilities and competencies
  • Promote technical and technological jobs
  • Promote working in the port area
  • Create job openings in participating companies
  • Create internships in participating businesses

Expected outcomes for SME's:​

  • Offer advantages/support to SMEs in order to
    • keep up with innovation and increase their innovative character
    • be able to recruit, retain and train/specialize their technical staff
    • be competitive and be/become a pioneer

Essential criteria:

  • Open mind towards port of Antwerp, activities, companies and jobs there

Other outcomes:

  • Collaboration with satisfied schools, teachers and learners
  • Satisfied companies
Contact Person: Bert Pichal (bert.pichal@havencentrum.be)


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Venue: Province of Antwerp
Antwerpen, Belgium


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