Pilot: Inventory of competences

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General information

Brief description about the pilot:

There is a shortage of technical skills in the industrial sector of Skåne, SME sub-contractors. To be able to optimize the usage of existing resources employers are given the possibility to conduct an inventory of competences of their staff. Once the employer knows the existing level of skills they can initiate the planning process of defining the needs for tomorrow. Education of existing labour force, recruitment of new skills and hiring of consultants will give the SME a better position to become competitive.

Institutions involved:

  • IUC Syd
  • Region Skåne
  • Tillväxt Syd
  • Teknikcollege Skåne

Sector: SME sub-contractors

Expected outcomes for learners:

A new regional model for inventory of competences of technical staff of industrial SME.

Expected outcomes for SME's:

A better knowledge of the level of competence of their staff.

Essential criteria:

Crucial for the success of the new business model will be the level of demand from the target group.

Qualitifications gained:

Inventory made within the framework of SeQF/EQF.

Contact Person: Karl Löfmark (karl.lofmark@skane.se)


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Venue: Region Skane
Region Skane, Sweden


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