Pilot: Green Hydrogen Booster

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General information

Brief description about the pilot

Green Hydrogen Booster offers SMEs and other parties to collaborate in an open innovation environment to accelerate Green Hydrogen production, distribution, storage and various usages in household, industry and mobility, grid balancing and related infrastructures for that.

The booster facilitates

  • promoting Green Hydrogen as a viable energy transition solution
  • greening existing value chains and creation of new ones.
  • testing equipment
  • upscaling innovations related to green hydrogen products and services
  • identifying needs for skills and policy support
  • new social and economic impact measures of energy transition projects
  • knowledge development, education and communication

Institutions involved:

  • EnTranCe
  • Hanze university Groningen

Sector/industry: Energy

Expected outcomes for learners:

  • Understanding business development potential and collaboration opportunities in Green Hydrogen Value Chain
  • Systemic approach of green value chain co-creation for hydrogen sector
  • Connecting to open innovation Energy Transition Centre, EnTranCe for collaborations in co-developing Green Hydrogen value chains and markets across the North Sea Region
  • Policy learners gain insights into needs of businesses and engage in co-creation projects with business and education/research institution for policy development

Expected outcomes for SME's:

  1. Participating SMEs increase their innovation capacity and innovation output
  2. Strengthen existing and/or creating new Green Hydrogen value chains
  3. Better coherence between education programmes and business, societal and industry needs in Green Hydrogen development
  4. Visibility of Northern Netherlands as Green Hydrogen innovation accelerator in NSR/RIGHT project
  5. Regional impact of Green Hydrogen developments visible through the new impact measurement tool

Essential Criteria:

Engaged or interested to develop green hydrogen developments

Other outcomes:

  • Regional event and communications of outcomes in professional networks, for e.g. New Energy Coalition, EnTranCe and Hanze, in the Netherlands and through Interreg North Sea;
  • Connected to Dutch universities and Vocational Educational Institutions
Contact Person: Anja Bos (a.e.bos@pl.hanze.nl)


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Venue: Groningen
, Netherlands


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