MSc Inland Water Quality Assessment

General information

This official master is aimed to train and prepare students on water quality assessment under the European Water Framework Directive, to develop their professional careers on research and/or management of water quality associated problems from an European perspective.

The program of the master consists of 60 ECTS (one academic year). In the first semester students follow 6 mandatory courses. They worth 26 ECTS. In the second Semester students follow 3 elective courses out of 4 options. Each course worth 4 ECTS. In addition, they work on a MASTER PROJECT (22 ECTS), at any institution in Europe, leading to a diploma at UAM. In this edition we will continue offering master projects all around Europe. They will cover for sure everyone’s interest while opening new opportunities for a professional career as well.
The master is taught in English and Spanish.


Mandatory courses (1st Semester) Elective courses (2nd Semester)
European Aquatic Ecology Ecological Risk assessment
Water Pollution and Environmental effects Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Aquatic Bioindicators Environmental Economy
Biological Monitoring Environmental Law
Chemical Monitoring Biostatistics
Integrated Monitoring and Field Studies  
Master Project 

Course contents

Schedule. Lectures, which are mandatory, will take place from September to the end of February, from Monday to Friday mostly in the morning. Practical courses include field sampling work during a week (full day tasks), and up to three weeks of laboratory practical activities.Master project will start on March.

Master projects. he Master’s Project (22 ECTS) is a detailed study based on an original research submitted to obtain the Master Degree. It can be carried out at any of the collaborating institutions in Spain and Europe: Universities, Research Centres, Administrations and Consultancy Companies.

Integrated monitoring and field studies course. It is a practical course which include hands on experience about four mandatory courses: European aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Bioindicators, Biological and Chemical Monitoring. In this course students will develop a monitoring study at different aquatic systems.

Learning outcome:

Students egressed from last editions of the IWQA master have been very successful finding a job. Over 75% of the students are working on water related topics. In most cases the jobs are related with their master projects, that have been carried out at any institution in Europe.

A high proportion of the students are working as researchers (typically in Ph.D. Programmes) in universities from Czech Rep. Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and Spain among others. Others are working on private consultancy companies or public administrations in United Kingdom, USA, Uruguay, Chile, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland and Spain among others.

Contact Person: (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0521 - Ecology", "0512 - Toxicology", "0511 - Biology", "0522 - Conservation and environmental management


Venue: Autonomous University of Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Faculty of Sciences
Cantoblanco campus


Open from
10 Jul 2016 to 2 Sep 2016

  • Regular enrolment: 65 €
  • Second, third and fourth enrolment: 97 € 

  • A Bachelor degree with a major in biological science, environmental science or environmental engineering, comprising at least 180 ECTS or equivalent (3 years of full-time study).
  • As English is the official language of the Master, students need to have high level of proficiency in the English language to follow the courses.
  • A familiarity with laboratory work.

Application Procedure:

Intending students of the programme should send their application to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid during the registration period by e-mail The first semester (September to February) will take place at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) Spain, and the second semester for the development of the Master Project at any European country (Including Spain)*. The application procedure is available in the webpage of the programme ( All applications will be appraised by an Evaluation Committee which will assess about the acceptance into the master.

Students enrolling the Master should send their application to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and/or by e-mail to coordinators:
All applications will be appraised by an Evaluation Committee which will communicate to the candidates the acceptance decision.

•First call: from March to 10th June. 
REGISTRATION PERIOD: from June to 28th July
•Second call: from July to 2nd September
REGISTRATION PERIOD: from 9- 27th September
More information:

Apply using the online application form SIGM@. First time users should first create an account. For your application to be complete you must provide all required data and attach the necessary digital documents:

  • Certificate of academic transcript for previous studies
  • Average Grade Declaration
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Identity Document / Passport
  • Subjects Pre-inscription Sheet (download from the program's website)

Intending students of the programme should send their application to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid during the registration period by e-mail:

Application period

  • First period: 16 February - 10 July 2015
  • Second period: 25 June - 15 July 2015 (in case of available places)
  • Third period: 18 July - 4 September 2015 (in case of available places)


Academic level: Master

Qualification: Master of Science

Occupations (not validated):
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