MOL2: Maritime on the Loop of Ocean Literacy - Computer Design using FREECAD

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General information

MOL2: La cultura oceánica en el sector marítimo - Diseño asistido por computadora utilizando FREECAD

Objective: Introduce to the attendees into the 3D design using the FreeCAD tool ( This will allow them to start making their own designs: supports, decorative elements, and even the hull of a ship.

Contents information

1. Introduction (1,5 hours approx.)

    1. Free CAD environment and first steps

    2. Part window: basic element design and Boolean operations

    3. Part-Design window: design with drawings and extrusions

    4. Other useful tools

2. Hands-on session (2,5 hours approx.)

    1. Design of a boat’ wheel and hull

    2. Design of a wheel support

    4. Design of a flag support

3. Other knowledge resources

Learning outcome:

An attendance certificate will be provided at the end of the workshop

Contact Person: Susana Bastón (


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0188 - Ocean Literacy", "0716 - Naval engineering


Vigo, Spain



Academic level: Lifelong Learning
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