FLUVIO: Doctoral Programme in River Restoration and Management

General information

FLUVIO: FCT-PhD in River Restoration and Management

FLUVIO aims the development and the application of scientific knowledge of environmental sciences, ecology, engineering and urbanism to management and restoration of the fluvial ecosystems, at different spatial scales, from the microhabitat to the river reaches and the drainage basin. Thus it aims to contribute to the sustainable development of human societies and the conservation of natural resources.

The FLUVIO Consortium results from an institutional partnership that gathered a well reputed teaching staff, supported by a consolidated of theoretical knowledge and application experiences. Concerning the students, the programme intends to:

  • acquainted them with the problems of different types of rivers, presenting environmentally challenging case-studies;
  • stimulate their innovative aptitudes, while training them into hypotheses testing, scientific reasoning and rigor;
  • train their skills to communicate and to write to wider science audiences;
  • design versatile and useful career profiles for highly trained and skilled researchers, promoting the application of results by the private sector and by regional and governmental agencies.

Programme structure
The duration of the PhD programme is 4 years. The first year is dedicated to courses training and Seminar. The second and third years are devoted to research activities and the last year is mainly dedicated to thesis writing. Courses are normally delivered in English and thesis will be written and presented in English. Nevertheless, Portuguese will also be an important language in the program because of permanence in Lisbon and Bahia.

A total of six courses will be attended by students. Two of these courses and the Seminar are mandatory (M), the others are optional (O) and tailored to each academic pathway, that is, ECTS can be obtained in any of the 8 optional courses offered.

Courses Type Training ECTS
River modeling & Ecohydraulics M IST/ULisboa 6
River Ecosystem Functioning and Monitoring M IST/ULisboa 6
Urban Riverscapes & Environmental Planning O FA/ULisboa 6
Watershed & Aquifer Dynamics O IST/ULisboa 6
Land Use and Water Management O IST/ULisboa 6
Hydromorphological and Riparian restoration O UPM 6
Fluvial Processes Restoration O UCB 6
Ecohydraulics of Habitat Restoration O KE 6
River Conservation under Managed Flows O ECK 6
Ecosystem Processes and Pathways O UFBA 6
Seminar Course M ISA or IST 6

Mobility of researchers between partnership institutions will be a key feature of the grants and the doctoral programs to be developed. The students’ travelling and maintenance abroad will be supported either by the FCT grants or by the research projects that will co-fund research activities.

Contact Person: FLUVIO Secretariat (fluvio@isa.ulisboa.pt)


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0522 - Conservation and environmental management", "0532 - Marine Geology", "0521 - Ecology", "0712 - Environmental protection technology


Venue: University of Lisbon (Contact University)
Lisbon, Portugal



The call is open to Portuguese citizens, citizens of European Union countries, citizens of countries outside European Union living in Portugal, citizens of countries with which Portugal has celebrated reciprocity agreements and citizens of other countries provided that the candidate undergoes a panel interview. 

Eligible applicants should hold a MSc. degree or equivalent (pre-Bologna 5 years degree), obtained in either a Portuguese university or a foreign one, with a total of 300 ECTS, or equivalent in the case of non-European institutions. The requirements for FLUVIO Ph.D. grantees are a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Engineering, Agronomy, Forest Engineering, Environmental Chemistry, Biology, or Ecology, depending on the themes available for the calls. Candidates should have a high level of English fluency (B2 level or higher). We encourage open-minded, communicative, independent and self-starting personalities with a high disposition for scientific work to apply.

Candidates must have a minimum average grade of 14 out of 20, or in the case this condition is not met, having at least one publication, as first author, in peer-reviewed journals (uploaded pdf is mandatory). Students from other educational systems must demonstrate/certify that their average grades are within the 70th percentile of their system

Application Procedure:

FLUVIO will admit 16 PhD students in total, in two cohorts of 8 students, on the first and third year of the program.


Grant Opportunities:

Each PhD scholarship is granted for periods of 1 year, renewable up to 4 years, and cannot be granted for periods smaller than 6 consecutive months. Scholarships are subject to FCT rules (site) and currently include:

  • a monthly salary of 980 € (tax free);
  • annual co-payment for registration, tuition or fees;
  • half the grant period at research laboratories/centres outside Portugal;
  • a subsidy for a presentation in scientific meetings.


Academic level: PhD
Occupations (not validated):
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