Biological-Physical Interactions in the Oceans

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This course focuses on linking physical and biological oceanography to further our understanding of how marine ecosystems function. This interdisciplinary course is divided into three sections: (1) processes on scales less than 1 km (e.g., biology and boundary layers; vertical structure and biology of the mixed layer); (2) processes on scales from 1-1000 km (e.g., coastal upwelling regions; fronts and the accumulation of biological material; tides and waves and their effect on larval transport); (3) processes on scales of 1000 km and greater (e.g., ocean basin circulation; the biology of major currents, rings and eddies; variability in ocean circulation and its biological consequences; the global ocean and climate change).

Contact Person: Barcelona Ocean (


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Venue: Institut de Ciències del Mar
Barcelona, Spain



Full price of this course is 360€. A reduced registration fee is applied for early registrations (45 days before the opening of the course).


Academic level: PhD, Lifelong Learning
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